Tour de France

The Tour De France is televised from the roadside worldwide as one of the ultimate tests of athletic endurance. Many challenges faced by cyclists in the Tour are because it is divided between time trial stages and stages covering both flat terrain and large stretches of mountainous slopes. Make bets on cycling on our online sports betting platform.

Betting on the Tour de France

Launched in 1903, the Tour de France was an immediate success. This cycling competition, also known as the "Grande Boucle", is the most prestigious and difficult annual cycling race in the world.

This 23-day race covering approximately 3500 kilometres must be won strategically. The Tour de France is divided into 21 stages: nine flat stages, three hilly stages, seven mountain stages (including five summit finishes), two individual time trials and two rest days. One stage is completed each day, covering approximately 225 kilometres and lasting about five and a half hours.

The average speed of the peloton of about 200 cyclists at the start of the competition on the flat is between 40 and 45 km/h, with the minimum weight of the UCI bike being 6.8 kg. Make sports bets with bwin.

Betting on a Tour de France stage

The 21 days of racing will include wind, cobbles, sprints, hills, five summit finishes, a touch of gravel and many kilometres against the clock. In addition to betting on the overall classification, an option is to bet on a specific stage.

A variety of stages favour different types of cyclists: between sprint finishes for the green jersey, transition stages for the daredevils, and summit finishes for the climbers aiming for the polka dot jersey, each UCI World Tour team will have a plan for the day. Before the start of each stage, our online betting platform provides odds for the riders who are likely to stand out.

Recommended betting on the Tour de France

Riders who compete in the three Grand Tours in order with Italy, France and then Spain (all Vuelta bets)are at the top of the endurance world. The Tour de France is generally considered the toughest sporting event in the world, as it is not just a one-off race but a race every day for three weeks.

A recommended bet on the Tour de France for the overall classification is to bet on the rider with a strong team and loyal lieutenants who can handle the attacks of other formations to protect the yellow jersey as much as possible until the finish in Paris.


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