Betting on biathlon events

Biathlon is an idolized sport in the Scandinavian countries as well as in Germany, Austria, and France. Whether it's men's or women's biathlon, the favourites tend to be athletes from northern Europe.

Having so many champions means that the Norwegian and Swedish national teams are forces to be reckoned with.

Betting on Biathlon

Biathlon is a disciplined sport demanding exhausting cross-country ski racing interspersed with frequent stops to settle, calm down and shoot at targets. The sport has five events: individual, sprint, pursuit, relay, and mass start.

In biathlon, in order to win an event and aim for the best overall ranking, you must be able to control your physical exertion. Heart rates vary from medium to fast, and controlling your breathing is crucial in order to aim and shoot accurately.

Betting on the Biathlon World Cup

From the end of November to the middle of March, the biathlon season will be contested in around ten locations and includes nearly thirty events in all. In a biathlon season, men and women participate in events at the same location, with different events planned for each venue. Some places are more suitable for sprints or pursuits. In each event, place your bets on the Women's Biathlon World Cup with bwin.

The Biathlon World Cup is the main event, with the vast majority of events taking place on European soil. Although it is an individual sport with several disciplines, there is also a Nations Cup where the points of the top three athletes are added together. You can make your sports bets on Biathlon (H) on our online sports betting platform.

Things to consider when betting on biathlon

Being exclusively a winter sport, in Biathlon, the preparation of athletes follows two forms: those who work towards achieving one peak of form or those who aim for two peaks during the season.

Other factors to consider are shooting success and weather. Biathletes use a 22 Long Rifle with a target set at a distance of 50 meters.

In the shooting phases, bad weather sometimes evens out the odds. On the track, speed will vary depending on track conditions.


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