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Baseball ratings in South Korea

The most popular sports in Korea are basketball, football, volleyball, archery, fencing and Korean martial arts. However, baseball in South Korea has been popular since the 1980s. The top Korean baseball league, the KBO, is the most followed competition in the country. Make baseball bets with bwin.

Betting on Asian baseball

The hierarchy of how baseball bettors generally perceive the quality of the KBO falls between Double-A and Triple-A in terms of talent and level of competition. The top league remains the MLB, followed by the NPB in Japan.

South Korea is often among the top teams in international baseball, and some of the best players in the Korean Baseball Organization have successfully moved on to the MLB in the last decade. Build your MLB bets on our online sports betting platform.

It has also been deemed a worthy enough level of competition that clubs will give multi-year contracts to former MLB players who go to the Korean league and show that they are forces to be reckoned with in the game. The KBO does, however, limit the number of foreign-born players allowed on rosters.

Betting on the KBO

The KBO regular season begins in April and ends in November. The 10 franchises, 4 of which are located around Seoul, play 144 games during a regular season.

Compared to MLB — which comprises two leagues and 3 divisions in each — in the KBO, there is only one league with no divisions. Moreover, the KBO has one-third fewer teams than the MLB.

At the end of the season, the fifth-place team plays the fourth-place team in a best-of-three game. The winner meets the third and then the second, again with the qualifier being the first team to two wins.

The winner of the regular season is pitted against the winner of the playoffs for the "Korean Series" in a best-of-seven-game format. The winning franchise is declared the overall KBO champion.

Recommended betting on baseball in South Korea

There are very few ties in the KBO, so the recommended bet on the baseball championship in South Korea is to pick the outright winner of a game. Make sports bets on leagues around the world in many sports.


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