Athletics Betting Odds

One of the oldest Olympic sports, Athletics have been present at every Olympic Games since 1896. Athletics include a variety of track and field events, such as the 100m Sprint, 110m Hurdles, long-distance events and the high jump. Some of the biggest names in sports, like Usain Bolt, Mo Farah, and Jessica Ennis-Hill, were able to gain their world class-recognition through Athletics competitions such as the Olympics and the Commonwealth Games. Before all these athletes competed at the highest level, they first had to prove themselves in the IAAF Diamond League; the perfect place for bettors to spot up and coming talent.

Athletics Betting

Whether you’re looking to place a bet on the IAAF Golden League, The Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020, The World Athletics Championships, or even the London or New York Marathon, here at bwin we’ve got every large event covered with great Athletics odds for you to pick from.

Types of Athletics Bets

Look no further than bwin’s Athletics betting odds if you’re searching for a betting site where you can select many different markets and pick your favourite athletes. That’s not all, as you’ll be able to pick head-to-head markets or outright race winners between some of the greatest athletes. From hurdles to pole vaulting, and track and field to long jump, there is plenty for you to choose between, place a bet on and even follow live, via our live betting page. Take advantage of top tournaments to switch up your bets, from picking the Gold winner to guessing who will be able to stand on the podium.

Want more Athletics betting tips?

The best way to hedge your bets for athletics betting is to keep an eye on bwin news. Injuries and form can make the sport very unpredictable, so make sure you’re well informed on the very latest when it comes to your favourite athletes.


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