Athletics Betting Odds

Athletics is one of the most dynamic and interesting sports in the world of online sports betting. Athletes train their whole lives just to be able to showcase their exceptional talent and, for example, perform in a 100m race that lasts less than 10 seconds.

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In athletics, there are few judges or complicated scoring rules. There are no subjective qualifying decisions, equipment failures or controversial instant replays. The one who can jump the highest or furthest wins. The strongest in the group wins, and the fastest person on the track wins.

Betting on athletics

The discipline of track and field covers a wide range of events, from the 100m to the marathon, to the javelin, shot put and other field events. It also produces some of the most famous Olympians. There is no doubt that the sprints will attract the most attention at the upcoming Olympic Games and World Championships. The country of reference for this series of events is the United States — make bets on the IAAF World Championships (H) on our online betting platform.

Major athletics events

The Olympic Games and the World Athletics Championships are the most important international sports competitions worldwide. They bring together thousands of the best athletes to compete in various individual and team events. The Olympic Games are the major competition in any athlete's life. They are held only once every four years and are the goal of a lifetime of sacrifice.

Every two years, during odd years and for a one-week duration, the World Track and Field Championships are the competitions that determine who will be the world champion in their sport. Prepare your bets on athletics (F) for the Olympic Games.

The other important competition for bettors is the Diamond League. Every year it gathers the best athletes who aim to win, not for their country but for themselves.

Recommended betting on athletics

One of the most popular and perhaps easiest ways to bet on athletics is to bet on the winner. Bettors who choose this method simply decide who will be the absolute winner of the event they are betting on.

Other ways of betting on athletics include counting individual medal tallies, medal tallies country by country, and athletes who finish the competition with a place on the podium.


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