NFL Draft 2023

After the last game of the season (all NFL betting), which saw the Los Angeles Rams crowned, the NFL Draft is the first major event of the new American football season.

NFL Draft Betting

This is the point of entry for new colleges and foreign players. For newcomers, the player that gets chosen first usually receives the best contract.

The purpose of the draft is to restore some equity between all franchises. Indeed, for NFL franchises, the order of selection is defined according to the percentage of wins in the previous season with priority to the franchises that have won the least.

The 2022 Draft will take place in Las Vegas, Nevada, from April 28-30, 2022.

Draft betting for teams

The first round of the draft is typically the most anticipated. The Philadelphia Eagles have the most first-round selections with three picks, including the Miami Dolphins and Indianapolis Colts picks, plus their own. Head coach Nick Sirianni's team will pick positions 15, 16 and 19.

In addition to the Eagles, other teams with multiple first-round picks include the Detroit Lions, New York Jets and New York Giants.

The Lions have the second overall pick and the last pick, which belonged to the Los Angeles Rams, but they gave it to Detroit after trading quarterback Matthew Stafford.

Betting on the new class of players

It should come as no surprise, but national champion Georgia (all US college football bets) has a lot of talent in their team — the majority of which are defensive-minded players.

Similar to previous Drafts, this 2023 class is loaded with talent at the wide receiver position.

Placing the highest-ranked quarterback on the team with the first pick is usually the first step in creating a Draft. In fact, this ball-throwing position has often unlocked things in 18 of the last 24 Drafts, including each of the previous four years.

Another interesting feature of this draft class is the lack of clarity around who will be QB1. Not only will the first quarterback be drafted later than usual, but there is nothing unanimous about who the first in the class will be for this edition of the NFL Draft.

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