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Slalom is one of the most technical events in skiing. It involves speed, strong cut turns, rhythm and confidence — it's one of the most exhilarating things you can do on skis. Slalom is quite intense, and on our online betting platform, you have the opportunity to place bets on alpine skiing.

Slalom Betting

In competition, the goal of slalom skiing is to reach the bottom of the mountain as quickly as possible. To do this, skiers must find the tightest lines. The fastest route between two points is the straightest line. This definition means that one way to make this line will involve touching some poles on the way down the slope.

Slalom runs also require a lot of technique, with skiers expected to pass through "gates" — two plastic posts, alternating between red and blue. The gradient of the slope is generally between 33% and 45%, with a difference in altitude between 180 m and 220 m.

There are two runs in the slalom, but there are no previous training runs, only an inspection of the course. The times of the two runs are added together.

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After the end of Marcel Hirscher's reign in 2019, the succession has been provided by several skiers: the Norwegian Henrik Kristoffersen has long occupied the places of honour as he won a small crystal globe the following year. Another Norwegian, Sebastian Foss-Solevag, won the 2021 World Championships plus achieving a podium at the Olympics.

Frenchman Clement Noël, who has finished second three times in the last three slalom seasons, won the gold medal at the 2022 Olympics in Beijing. Austrian Marco Schwarz won a small crystal globe in 2020-21. Switzerland's Daniel Yule regularly finishes among the best at the end of the season.

Between the runs of the slalom racers, you have the opportunity to place live bets on our online betting platform.


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