How to edit my placed bet with bwin
How to edit my placed bet with bwin

How to edit my placed bet with bwin

Ever wished you could modify a placed bet? You can do it in your bwin betting account. This feature called “Edit my Bet” uses Cash Out technology to give all our bwin customers the power to act in four different ways when they change their mind on a bet that is already placed. The control is in your hands!

Edit my bet | bwin

Want to boost possible winnings? Add further selections

A great way for bwin customers to up their potential return with a push for increased selections per ACCA.


Edit my bet - bwin

Fear you have backed a loser? Remove selections

You can now have a way to avoid losing bet or remove a selection that you have less confidence in. Choose the ones you want to remove and save bet changes.


Changed your mind after team news? Swap selections


Just heard that a key player isn’t playing? Swap your selection as you see fit and change to the outcome you want.


Confidence high and want to double down? Top up your Stake

Received winnings from another bet and want to reinvest? Going more confidence with every kick? Add additional stake and see your possible winnings rise!


Edit my bet - initial stake

Check the terms and conditions of edit my bet and find the tips to build your bet with bwin!

Still with doubts? Watch our video and learn more about how to edit your bet!

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