bwin Scores – the latest results on your desktop

bwin Scores will take your game to the next level. With this high-performance desktop app, you get tables, games, results, dates and statistics for 25 national leagues, the Champions League and the Europa League in one click.

Try out bwin Scores now! Be the first to receive the latest scores directly to your desktop. What are you waiting for?

Major football leagues

In addition to the Champions League and the Europa League, bwin Scores features the 25 most-important football leagues. This makes bwin Scores your ultimate statistics tool and you will never have to search for your league information again!

One click to get the most of every game

With bwin Scores, you can switch between the "Games" and "League Table" views to get the information you are looking for. With the "Games" view, you can review the results of the fixtures which have already finished. Simply click on the score for a detailed statistics page!

For the upcoming fixtures, we have made it easy for you. Push the "Bet" button to get direct access to the betting overview of the chosen game.

Personalised alerts

Personalise bwin Scores by selecting your favourite leagues in the "Settings" menu. You will receive short notifications of new available bets and results and never miss any of the action!

Automated update

bwin Scores is always up to date. Simply make sure you are connected to the internet and the app will do all the work for you!


How can I install bwin Scores on my PC?

You will need installation rights to install bwin Scores on your computer. You must download the software and save it on your local hard disk. You will then need installation rights to run the installation program. Administrator rights are not required in order to install the software.

bwin Scores will not show any content while it is being installed. Is the software working correctly?

The app is working properly but will only synchronize information once it has been started for the first time following installation. In order for the app to show up-to-date information, you will require an internet connection to start the synchronization process. This should happen as part of the installation process. If the synchronization process is not started automatically, you can click on the option "Synchronize" in the app menu via the taskbar.

Why does bwin Scores want to connect to the internet once the installation is complete?

In order to display up-to-date information, the app must search for the current information via the internet and synchronize its local cache (buffer storage). Once the installation process is complete, the software will automatically attempt to synchronize the information. If you connect to the internet via a dial-up connection, the software will attempt to connect to the internet once the installation is complete in order to download updates.

Will bwin Scores still work even if no internet connection is available?

Yes! bwin Scores loads the content from the cache on your hard disk when it starts. When you synchronize the cache, new information is downloaded from the internet and stored in the cache. This means that the app will also work without an internet connection. Please note, however, that the software will not be able to display up-to-date information until you synchronize the cache again.

If you want to place bets using the "Bets" button, it is necessary to have an internet connection to access the website.

What can I do to make sure that the information on my computer is regularly updated?

We have deliberately decided to design bwin Scores in such a way that it doesn't require a permanent internet connection. Instead, you can use the "Settings" menu to determine how often the app updates the statistics.

If you want to ensure that the most important information is displayed first, you can select the option "This PC has a permanent internet connection" in the "LAN Settings" tab and also use the setting "Automatically refresh every X minutes" to ensure that the software synchronizes information regularly.

Please note: please do not set the software to update regularly if you are using a modem or ISDN connection or if you are using your mobile phone and have a volume or time limit for using the internet. Regular automatic synchronization of data can lead to your connection being capped without reaching data limits as bwin Scores regularly connects to the internet.

Please therefore consider whether you should use the option "This computer has a permanent connection" or whether it would be better to change the synchronization intervals if you use a laptop exclusively with a mobile internet stick.

In the case of modems, dial-up connection or providers who do not offer a flatrate connection, we would recommend that you set longer synchronisation intervals (for example: 60 minutes).

How much data is transferred during synchronisation?

This depends on how much new information is available. If there is not much data available, the synchronization process will be quite quick and will therefore not require a great amount of data to be transferred.

We have done our utmost to ensure that bwin Scores - in contrast to other tools – is not constantly connected to the server and instead functions using an intelligent cache mechanism which compares the data on the server and only downloads new information.

If new information is available, it will have to be downloaded from the respective source which means that the amount of data transferred will be greater. The amount of data transferred depends on the amount of new information available.

If you use a LAN connection or an online flatrate connection, you can set the software to synchronize regularly to ensure that you always have up-to-date information.

Is bwin Scores only suitable for an online flatrate internet connection?

Naturally, bwin Scores is the ideal tool for users who have a flatrate connection and do not need to worry about connection times and costs. However, as the app works in a similar way to an e-mail program which can be set to synchronize at different intervals, it can also be used by users who do not have a permanent internet connection or who do not have a flatrate connection.

Why and how does bwin Scores call up a web browser?

It is necessary to open a web browser window as the "Bet" button connects you to a website. This then loads the respective bwin website for you and fills out the bet slip accordingly.

How does bwin Scores load new content?

bwin Scores uses a function in the Windows operating system to communicate the online status of your computer. Unfortunately, this system function does not always work perfectly and can sometimes register an "offline" status although you are connected to the internet.

In the case of online connections via a LAN connection, the app will only synchronize new content when the system is registered as being "online".

If bwin Scores detects that the system is "Offline", although you are connected to the internet and have a web browser open, we recommend that you activate the settings in the configuration menu "LAN Settings" using the option "This computer has a permanent internet connection". The software then ignores system messages about your online status and bwin Scores automatically loads the respective configuration from the "LAN Settings" menu. Please note that you should not activate this setting if you connect to the internet using your mobile phone or via a dial-up or ISDN connection which has a data volume or time limit (see also "What can I do to make sure that the information on my computer is regularly updated?").

Will bwin Scores significantly increase my internet costs?

No! First of all, bwin Scores is not permanently online, even when the app is open and information is displayed. The information displayed is loaded from your local cache.

How often bwin Scores connects to the internet to download new content and update the cache depends on the settings you have specified in the configuration menu.

The app will download new content from the internet and update the cache based on the settings defined in this menu option. You can also specify that the software should not automatically update itself. In this case, new information will only be downloaded when you click on the synchronization icon in the task bar.

How can I tell that bwin Scores is searching for and downloading new content?

If bwin Scores is carrying out a synchronization, a small green dot will flash on the bwin logo in the star bar next to the clock.


In order to install bwin Scores on your PC, you must first download the software and then install the downloaded file by double-clicking on the icon – after that, you'll be ready to get started.

Starting the app

bwin Scores can be started either by double-clicking on the bwin symbol (next to the clock in the taskbar) or via the "Start" menu.

Download now!

System requirements:

  • Windows 2000 or higher (with Flash Player, at least Version 10)
  • Mac OS X Version 10.5 or higher (with Adobe AIR Framework, at least Version 2.0.)
  • 13 MB hard disk space
  • Internet connection

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