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Superbike in 2022

The World Superbike machines are slower, heavier, and much more like the bikes you see on the road than MotoGP. The world series regularly races on the same tracks as MotoGP, giving us good lap time comparisons. At our online sports betting platform, make motorcycle bets with bwin.

Betting on Superbikes

MotoGP bikes are racing prototypes, while Superbikes have more humble roots, closely based on production models for the general public. And the bikes are covered by technical regulations, including rev limitations. Motorcycle punters estimate that SBK bikes can range from 200 to 250 hp, while MotoGP would be between 250 and 300 hp.

A superbike is a high-performance motorcycle. Currently, there is no universal definition of a superbike, and most bikes are called superbikes based on engine capacity and performance. As a general rule, Superbike bikes are around 1000cc in displacement.

Superbikes have a very aggressive riding position. The rider has to work hard to keep the bike moving and balanced at high speeds.

Recommended Superbike Bets

Kawasaki rider Jonathan Rea has won the World Superbike Championship 6 times between 2015 and 2020. By being unbeatable over such a long period, he also holds the most race wins. He is the reference of the world circuit, and the British rider is the only one with more than 100 career wins. During the competition, make live bets on our online betting platform.

His hegemony was broken in the 2021 season by the Turkish Toprak Razgatlioglu — with a Yamaha — who proved that nothing is impossible. The 2021 podium was completed by Scott Redding on a Ducati. A recommended bet is to bet on these three top Superbike riders who have frequently taken the podiums.

Betting on the 2022 Superbike season

The 2022 season takes place at twelve tracks between April and November. Each round consists of two races with the winner taking 25 points per race and a 12-point Superpole for a maximum of 62 possible points per round.

After the free practice, the qualification and the first race take place on Saturday. The two other races are held on Sunday. For bettors and riders, this is an opportunity to adjust the parameters during the various races of the weekend.

The first nine races of the season will be held in Europe, followed by three events in Argentina, Indonesia, and the final round in Australia. Place your superbike bets on our online betting platform.


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