International Rugby Betting

Rugby union test matches are one of the most predictable bets in rugby by far, with the match results closely reflecting the international rankings of the teams. In practice, you will find that the higher-ranked nation has a much better chance of winning a given match.

In terms of the World Rugby Rankings, the three countries Down Under (New Zealand, South Africa and Australia) are at top positions, followed by many European teams.

The All Blacks are legends in their own rite! Rugby union is a New Zealand religion, while the Springboks are the reigning world champions. Bet on the Rugby World Cup that will take place in 2023 in France.

Recommended betting on international rugby matches

There are certain types of bets that capitalize on predictability.

Winners Bet

Simply backing the highest-ranked team in a given match will most often produce a winning bet. However, the odds on the dominant team will not be generous, especially if there is a large gap between the two teams. This means that you will have to place a wide selection of bets to make a decent profit. Rugby tours will take place on specific dates, with several matches taking place over a weekend.

Handicap betting

When there is a very large gap between two games (say Australia vs Samoa), you are likely to make the most of the handicap markets. Just be sure to keep an eye on the weather forecast for the match; rain is likely to reduce the winning team's score even if it doesn't affect the outcome of the match.

Betting on the 2022 Six Nations

Will Wales, winners of the 2021 tournament, repeat their feat in 2022? Six Nations bets are open for the best of international rugby in Europe.

The defending champions will play their opening match on February 5, and the tournament will conclude on Saturday, March 19, with a mouth-watering match between France v England.

Paris is hosting the Rugby World Cup 2023

Held every four years, the Rugby World Cup is the centrepiece of rugby union.

This will be the tenth World Cup and also the 200th anniversary of the beginning of the sport. France will host all the great rugby nations.

It is also a feast fest for all rugby fans who love online sports betting.


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